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Fall Trends in Wholesale Sunglasses | Still Friday

As the leaves start to change color and the temperature begins to drop, it's time to start thinking about fall fashion. This year, there are some great trends in wholesale sunglasses that you don't want to miss out on. From classic styles to trendy new looks, there's a style for everyone this season. So read on to learn more about the top fall trends in wholesale sunglasses and get inspired!

Fall Colors

An important part of staying on top of fall trends in wholesale sunglasses is the color. The color trends for fall are camel, olive green, burgundy, and gray. Wholesale sunglasses in Fall colors like burgundy and forest green are also on trend. Choose colors that are complementary to a mix of skin tones and hair colors. If you want colors in your shop to make a statement, go for a bolder color like red or yellow. In general though, try to include a large mix and selection. And finally, don't forget about metal accents. Sunglasses with gold or silver details can add a touch of glamor to any outfit.

Fall Styles

Another important factor is staying on top of fall sunglasses style trends. For example, cat eye sunglasses were popular in the 1950s and have made a comeback in recent years. They are a fun and unique style that can add personality to any outfit. Aviator sunglasses are also making a comeback. They are a classic style that never goes out of fashion.

Make sure to have a good selection of both men's and women's sunglasses in your shop for fall. And don't forget about kids! They need sunglasses too! Make sure to have a few fun and trendy styles for them as well in Chunky or Minimal Fashions that are hot this year in Fall. Finally, always offer sun protection with every pair of sunglasses sold. This is important for both health and safety reasons, and even in the fall season is essential for sunny days.


Top Sunglasses for Fall 2022

Fall is the time to break out the stylish sunglasses! This year, the top fall trends are all about making a statement.


1. Original Chunky Punky Wholesale Sunglasses

These wholesale sunglasses are perfect for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement. The chunky, modern design is both stylish and unique, and the dark lens provides excellent protection from the sun. With 12 pairs in each pack, your customers will have plenty of options to choose from, and the wholesale price makes them an excellent value. Whether your customers are looking for a new style for yourself or a gift for a friend, these wholesale sunglasses are sure to please.


2. Original Gangster Chunky Funky Wholesale Sunglasses

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it's time to stock up on spring wholesale sunglasses! This year, the must-have style is the sleek cat-eye. This modern take on the classic cat-eye features a flat-top design that is both chic and stylish. And of course, no spring wardrobe would be complete without a pair of dark/gradient lenses. Whether your customers are looking for a sophisticated pair of sunglasses for work or a fun and playful pair for the weekend, we've got you covered. So don't wait any longer, get your sunglasses.


3. Minimal Gentle Oversized Burty Cat Wholesale Sunglasses

As anyone in the wholesale sunglasses business knows, a quality product is essential. That's why we're proud to offer the 12 Pack: Minimal Gentle Oversized Burty Cat Wholesale Sunglasses. These sunglasses are made with a high-quality frame and dark lens, giving them a sleek and sophisticated look. The minimalistic design is perfect for wholesale customers who are looking for a classic style sunglasses. And because they're oversized, they provide excellent coverage from the sun. So if you're looking for wholesale sunglasses that are both stylish and practical, the 12 Pack: Minimal Gentle Oversized Burty Cat Wholesale Sunglasses is the perfect choice.


4. Round Wavy Miter-cut Rimless Duotone Wholesale Sunglasses

Looking for a unique wholesale sunglasses option? Check out our round wavy miter-cut rimless sunglasses. These beautiful glasses come in a variety of duo-tone lens and wavy metal frames. They're perfect for any scheme or outfit, and they're sure to turn heads! Plus, they offer sun protection, so your customers can wear them all day long without worry. Order yours today!


5. Rimless Flat-top Minimal Square Gradient Wholesale Sunglasses

These wholesale sunglasses come in a 12-pack and are perfect for store owners who want to provide their customers with the latest in fashion eyewear. The rimless, oversized flat top design is very popular right now and these glasses come in beautiful dark gradient lenses with premium finished frames. They are perfect for both men and women and will help protect your customers’ eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Order yours today and be the first to offer your customers this stylish new option.


6. Oversized Square Aristo Chunky Wholesale Sunglasses

These wholesale sunglasses are perfect for anyone who wants to make a bold statement. The oversized boss square design is sure to turn heads, and the gradient lens provides a touch of elegance. The frames are made from durable materials that will withstand regular wear and tear, and the wholesale price is unbeatable. Whether you're looking for a new style for yourself or you're looking to stock your store with the latest fashion, these wholesale sunglasses are a great option. Order today and take advantage of our low wholesale prices.


7. Super Retro Thick Virgil Wholesale Sunglasses

Super Retro Thick Virgil wholesale sunglasses are a beautifully modern design with assorted frame types and dark lens. The wholesale sunglasses are perfect for anyone looking for a sleek, stylish, and modern look. The dark lens of the wholesale sunglasses allows for a more natural look while still providing adequate sun protection. Each person can find the perfect pair of wholesale sunglasses to fit their unique face shape. The wholesale sunglasses are also available in a variety of colors, so anyone can find the perfect pair to match their personal style. Whether you are looking for a new pair of everyday sunglasses or something special for a night out, Super Retro Thick Virgil wholesale sunglasses are the perfect choice.


8. Kids Circle Gradient Metal Wholesale Sunglasses

These wholesale sunglasses are a great way to keep your customers stylish and protect your eyes. The wholesale sunglasses come in an assortment of gradient lens and metal frames. The metal frames are durable and chic. The gradient lenses provide sun protection. The wholesale sunglasses are great for kids because they are stylish and durable.

It’s time to start stocking up on sunglasses for the fall season! These trendy styles are sure to be a hit with your customers. Be sure to shop the leading sunglasses brands for the latest in style and fashion. With so many great options, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to see your sales soar this fall with our stylish new wholesale sunglass trends.


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