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Selling Sunglasses for Profit: Tips and Information About Industry Standards for Retailers

Sunglasses are never going out of style. No matter what season it is, the sun will always come out, and consumers will always need to protect their eyes from the sun. Plus, what better way to make a fashion statement than by wearing bold sunglasses? 

Because sunglasses are so popular, as a small business, it's a good idea to sell them—assuming you're being savvy so that you can turn a profit. Let's discuss the topic of sunglasses and profit margins, here. By the end, you'll know the industry standards and be able to sell sunglasses with confidence and ease.

What to Evaluate When Trying to Determine If Your Shop is Profitable

Although this advice does not strictly apply to sunglasses, it's important to remember that when you're determining profitability, you need to figure out your gross profit. If your gross profit is positive, then you're making money.

To figure out what this number is, you calculate the cost of the product and subtract it by the amount it costs to sell it. In other words, gross profitability does not factor in any business expenses you put forth. Here's an example:

If you're selling a pair of sunglasses for $60, and you purchase it for $20 from a wholesale provider, you're going to end up with a profit margin of $40. Think about how much money you can accrue over time if you sell 100, 200, or more pairs of sunglasses. It's a profitable endeavor to sell sunglasses.

What is the Typical Profit Margin for Sunglasses?

It's hard to provide an exact dollar amount that reflects how much entrepreneurs make off selling sunglasses. The amount of money sellers make off each sale will depend on several factors, like if they're selling luxury glasses or more affordable glasses, the location of their business, how many products they sell, if they get a discount for buying more sunglasses, and more.

However, what we can reveal, is the average profit margin—which typically sits around 50-70%. Let's return to our past example. Because our glasses were sold for $60 and we bought them for $20, calculating the profit margin in percent would leave us with a 33% profit margin. Now, you might be thinking: "The average profit margin is 50-70%, so isn't a 33% profit margin a little bit low?" To answer your question, "Yes, it is." Let's dive deeper into how this entrepreneur can increase their profit margin.

Did You Make the Benchmark?

The hypothetical entrepreneur we've discussed above did not make their benchmark. Their profit margin was low, at an unimpressive 33%. The good news is, if you ever find that your profit margin is that low, it is possible to increase it to get your business back on track. There are multiple options that you can choose from.

For one, you decrease your expenses (i.e. the cost of the sunglasses you purchase); additionally, you could decide to increase your prices (i.e. sell the sunglasses for more money). So, let's see what would happen in both instances.

If you're a store owner who is committed to keeping your prices at $60 because your customers rely on this low price, then you're going to want to purchase sunglasses at a cheaper price. You might, for example, look for sunglasses sold for $8 from a wholesale retailer—when you do this, however, you risk cheapening your product. But if you find a pair you're willing to sell, your profit margin will increase.

On the other hand, if you were comfortable raising prices, you could do so. You could sell the same sunglasses you bought for $20 for $100, instead of $60. In both these instances, you would see your gross profit margin increase.

What Can You Change to Make Your Business More Profitable?

We've discussed a few simple ways that a business can make alterations to become more profitable. They can either increase their prices or buy products that are much cheaper. However, beyond these two pricing strategies, there are other ways that you can facilitate a bigger profit at your sunglasses shop.

Hire Quality Staff:

Customers respond well to staff who are informed, kind, and respectful. Therefore, you have to ensure you have the best staff working at your store as possible. The better your staff is at securing deals, the more sales you'll have. This will lead to more income accrued.

Have High-Quality Marketing:

How will your customers find you if your marketing is subpar? The answer is "They won't." Don't settle for antiquated marketing techniques. Utilize social media, commercial programming, billboard advertisements, SEO, and other marketing strategies to get the word out about your company. The more people who are shopping the more sales you'll secure.

Create an Online Storefront:

If you have great products, you might attract customers who are from out-of-state. However, it can be difficult for customers to travel long distances to purchase the sunglasses they want. So, it's always a good idea to have an online storefront available so that people can purchase your goods online. Be sure to keep your shipping costs low, but if you do, allowing customers to online shop is a great way to increase revenue.

Sell a Variety of Glasses and Products:

If someone is shopping for glasses, they probably will need a glasses case, wipes, a chain to hold their glasses, eye drops, and other accessories of the like. Cater to your demographic by offering more products for them to purchase.

Ready to Turn a Profit? Choose StillFriday

We've answered the question "What is the profit margin on sunglasses?" By now, you should know that your profit margin should sit around 50-70%, and with StillFriday, you can achieve this.

At StillFriday, we understand that you serve contemporary, stylish, well-informed customers. Because of this, we sell wholesale sunglasses that are affordable and incredibly unique. You shouldn't look like everyone else in your sunglasses—you should stand out. That's why we're committed to selling retailers glasses that are unique and unlike traditional frames.

Your customers will want to come to purchase the sunglasses that you sell, and you'll always turn a profit with our affordable prices. For more information about the trendy wholesale sunglasses we have to offer, browse our store.


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