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Sunglasses: Where Style Meets Safety

Thousands of years ago, sunglasses emerged to become the need of the hour to protect the eyesight of the Inuits. The form of the glares was quite different from the modern-day. 

However, they offered to improve eyesight and reduce the eyestrain from the reflection of the sunlight from the snow. 

Likewise, in the modern-day, the need for sunglasses hasn't reduced a bit. In fact, it has been increasing due to the dangers of UV rays. More so, people today look to accessorize sunglasses and make them a fashion statement. 

You're wondering how sunglasses can improve your eyesight and offer to care for your eye health? In this post, you will read everything you need to know about sunglasses and their boon for sight. So, without any further ado, start scrolling and read on! 

Evolution of Sunglasses

Taking a glance through the sunglass's evolution would spark a different cord with you. Walking through the generations of sunglasses evolution, you would notice how the basic needs remained the same.

However, how the sunglasses served these needs and moved to solve a broader range of other eyesight issues evolved.


Snow Goggles

Around 2000 years ago, Inuits used sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sharp glare of the sunlight that would reflect from the sun. 

Instead, these sunglasses were called snow goggles that consisted of a tight fit for the face and thin slits, serving the opening to view. 

Inuits made these snow goggles from carved driftwood, walrus ivory, bone, or caribou antler. Further, you would be surprised to know that an element was specially added to the sunglasses to absorb the sunlight. This element was gunpowder and often soot. 

In addition, they not only served well to shield eyes from the sun but also improved their vision as the narrow slits helped them focus better. 


Smoke-Tinted Quartz Lenses

Another form of sunglasses resurfaced in 12th century China. These glasses comprised smoke-tinted quartz lenses. Magistrates wore these in the court hearing. 


Modern Day Sunglasses

Therefore, the evolution of sunglasses led us to modern-day sunglasses. The modern ones are equipped to shield the sun, improve vision, and make eyewear comfortable. 

You can find the lenses in varied tints, numerous fascinating designs, and different functions. 

Modern-day sunglasses serve a plethora of needs while being trendy. 

Why Sunglasses are a Boon to Eyesight

Individuals usually ponder the question: Are sunglasses just a fashion statement or a key to good eye health?

You may wonder about this too! Fashion is the byproduct or yet another advantage of wearing sunglasses. The primary advantage is the number of health benefits it offers. 


Good Eye Health

The rate of global warming increases, and we find ourselves surrounded by the dangers UV rays pose. Several products provide protection. Be it sunscreen or sunglasses – these products reduce the risks of UV rays drastically. 

Other than UV rays, sunglasses can protect your eyes from sand, wind, dust, or any other substance, shielding your eyes from any element that can irritate your cornea and cause damage. 

If you're in a region with a lot of snowfall, you need to wear sunglasses. If you do not wear sunglasses, you may lose vision temporarily – snow blindness. 

Additionally, prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially UV rays, can cause eye diseases such as cataracts, pterygium, and macular degeneration. 


Seeing Better in a Bright Setting

Sunglasses work with the primary function to help users view better in a bright setting. The sunglasses cut down the glare, improving the color contrast of the view. 

Therefore, if you're driving, you can view your surroundings better and drive safely. 

Moreover, the eye strain due to the brightness of your surroundings is reduced drastically. So, do not see the sun without your sunglasses!


Helps You Recover Faster

Doctors recommend their patients to wear sunglasses after corrective eye surgery such as LASIK or cataract surgery. 

The sunglasses ensure that your eyes are protected from any potential damage and help in recovering faster.  

When is the Best Time to Wear Sunglasses?

Sunglasses can be worn anytime desirable. You don't need to wear sunglasses only on summer or sunny days. 

You can wear sunglasses all year round, as they are protective eyewear. They are recommended all year round because you are bound to be exposed to UV rays in any weather condition.  

More importantly, eyewear is a necessity for individuals living near coastal areas or water bodies. The danger for such individuals is the reflected light plus the direct light from the sun. 

In addition, individuals in the snowy region are required to wear sunglasses too, for the same reason. 

Excessive exposure to UV rays can result in a cornea burn. Therefore, don't leave home without your favorite pair of sunglasses!


Choosing the Right Sunglasses

The importance of sunglasses and their uses as the need-for-the-hour have increased. Now that you know this, you can choose the one right for you. 

The following are the pointers you should keep in mind while choosing the right sunglasses for you. 

  • 100 Percent UV Protection: UV filtration is the quintessential feature of sunglasses. 
  • Tinting: The tint of the lenses is mainly for cosmetic reasons. However, you can choose the ones that are best suited for your taste. 
  • Polarization: This feature reduces glare, making your vision better. 
  • A Wraparound Style: The number of harmful UV rays you are getting exposed to can be reduced with this style. 


Season's Statement Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a necessary eyewear shielding from harmful UV rays, sand, dust, etc. However, they can also make a fashion statement when worn the right way. Therefore, let the sunglasses be a part of your daily lifestyle and flaunt it! 

Some of the season's statement sunglasses are Mon Mania, Future Perfect, Rectangle Redux, and The Butterfly Effect. 

Sunglasses are the piece of accessory that can elevate your look all while meeting your eye care needs. 


Wrapping Up

The shades you choose are unique for your individual needs. They offer several advantages for you and make your look tremendously appealing. Sunglasses are part of your life. You might as well make it look good doing it.

The glares help your eye health by protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, dust, pollution, and much more. They offer added advantages when you customize them. 

Want to purchase fashionable sunglasses ideal for your eye care needs? Head to an online sunglasses store and choose from the myriads of choices for tints, fits, styles, and features!


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