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The Wardrobe Of 1960s

Fashion is unfathomable. Just when you think you have all the trendy pieces resting in your Wardrobe, something new might hit the market the very evening. Obsessing over the 90s fashion is something the world is tripping on today. However, it is not just the 90s fashion that’s making a breakthrough in the 21st century. Yes, you read that right. 

The oversized T-shirts, graphic tees, and sweatshirts paired with cycling shots, bohemian prints, bell-bottoms, and a lot more. Nevertheless, it is not just the 90s. The 60s fashion is equally powerful and impactful. If you skim through catalogs of the 60s, you would be startled to see the shocking similarities and the number of trends that have made a comeback. 

Well, if you are someone who feeds on fashion and pop culture or someone who adores exploring the fashion icons through the years, let’s spin around the 60s today. Read on to find out more about the fashion icons and trends. 

5 Mega Fashion Icons from the 60s

Every age has witnessed some mega icons that have led trends after trends and aced them in the show business. These high-profile names are the greatest source of inspiration to give your outfit a 60s touch. To know more about their styles and fashion statements, read on!

Jackie Kennedy

How can a fashion article about the 1960s not touch the greatness of Jackie Kennedy and the aura that her outfits possessed? Her style, graceful and poised, left an impact so powerful that it continues to inspire women today. Her outfits mostly displayed a French girl aesthetic, which was often criticized, for she was the first lady of the US. 

Some of her absolute staples included suit sets, pillbox hats, gloves, boat-necks, pearls, and mod capes and dresses. Jackie Kennedy never feared experimenting with her looks, be it wearing strapless gowns to the parties or influencing generations with her hair accessories. 

The Beatles

Yet another fashion icon, the Fab Four. People loved their and music, and to date, the fan following is massive. However, it was never just limited to admiring their music and compositions. Men wanted to look like the Beatles too. That is how impactful they were in terms of personality. 

Form the iconic matching suits, paired with slim-fit cropped trousers and Chelsea boots to the emblematic bowl-cut. The bowl-cut literally stirred the crowd line up at the counters, and in no time, it was a global movement!

The fact that the Beatles were never actually limited to music makes them even greater icons. The most evocative, however, was the elimination of the myths surrounding the psychedelic movement. The Beatles blurred the gender-based styling lines as they rocked the streets in printed shirts, velvet jackets, bright hues, and elegant scarves. 

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones, who knew five boys in sweaters, crumpled jackets, and weirdly fitting trousers, would end up making an impact not just culturally but in terms of fashion! 

Years passed, and they were not mere performers on the stage, instead fashion icons ruling global stages like runways, displaying their iconic staples. Furthermore, the fact that their style was effortless and simply anything that kicked off the pre-existing myths about dressing up made them absolute stunners. Be it the iconic jumpsuits, or some hand-me-down sweaters, they owned every bit of their style and ruled through!

Elvis Presley

With his first album in 1956, Elvis carved his place in the list of global fashion icons. His Wardrobe was as dreamy and flamboyant as his personality. His style was incredibly unpredictable. 

One day he would dress up all outlandish, and the other day he would surprise his fans with a complete guy next door looks. Furthermore, being the poster boy and the king of rock n roll, he always used his position to eliminate styling myths and gender-specific fashion norms. 

To date, the most iconic one remains the credence and poise with which he flushed pink into his outfits. Presley eradicated the straight men can’t wear pink myth right from the roots, whether they were pink shirts, sweaters, or belts!

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey is the goddess in the world of fashion, and it is for all the right reasons. The elegance and charm are two peerless elements of her fashion sense. From hairbands and scarves to polo necks and waist belts, Audrey brought significant change to the world of fashion in the 1960s. 

Hepburn’s gingham trousers and ballet flats are some of the fashion trends we are re-living today. And how can an article about fashion not talk about her iconic oversized white shirts? 

Yes, if you didn’t know this, here’s a fact. One of the most loved trends of the 21st century, the oversized white shirt, was in fact started by the fashion godhead, Audrey Hepburn. 

60s Trends Still Alive in 2021

Just like history repeats itself, fashion does it too. Sure, with some tweaks and a blend of modern twists, but trends come back. Take lady Diana Spencer, for example. Isn’t the 21st century all about the bright sweaters and sweatshirts she rocked as staples back in the 90s? Well, here are five trends from the 60s that are here to stay!

Leopard Print

Invest in leopard prints if you still haven’t because animal prints aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The trend of leopard prints was started by brands like Valentino and Y2K-darling Blumarine during the 60s, and aren’t we grateful?


Vinyl was a major hit in the 60s, and the glistening hues would pop the magazines. The trend witnessed a sudden fall and fast-forward to 2021, and the vinyl is back! Currently being revamped by brands like Apparis and Courrèges, the markets will soon have our favorites back!

Skinny Scarves

A style that never really witnessed a fall but got camouflaged in the sea of trends. Skinny silk and satin scarves are making a comeback! Thus if you are planning on giving away those age-old silk scarves, style them instead or tie them on your handbag!

Bandana Headscarves

The beach holidays felt incomplete all this while without the bandana headscarves, right? But not anymore. The beautiful scarves are back and ruling the trees like never before. Style them on casuals, boho looks, or beach wears. Bandanas are perfect for your next vacation!

Tailored Skirt Suits

The best fashion trend, period. Tailored skirts are hands down the most adorable trend. Although the trend did return in the 90s, the fact that it is coming back again is not surprising at all. 

Eyewear Trends in the 60s

The large frames popping bright colors, weird shapes, and tinted glasses are all a part of the olden days. The 60s staple that is making a comeback are the square lenses, round lenses (John Lennon), and of course, the all-time favorite cate-eye. Another surpassing trend was the Damien sunglasses with vintage tinted glasses and large black frames, iconic.

The Golden 60s

Fashion has been influenced by countless factors and kept changing as the times unraveled new challenges. Be it new state governments, the birth of a megastar, the death of a pop artist, or any other event. Fashion has suffered consequences and adjusted accordingly. 

From carrying forward Lennon’s legacy with the flamboyant outfits and round glasses to living in oversized white shirts and keeping Audrey’s style alive, fashion has come a long way, and the 60s were golden!


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