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Are Sunglasses a Good Product to Sell? The Pros and Cons of This Business

So you're thinking of starting a sunglasses business. Congratulations. This can be a very lucrative line of work when done correctly. However, you need to understand both the potential benefits and challenges you may face. Over the past few decades, sunglasses have evolved from a simple necessity into a major fashion accessory.

With the right marketing strategy and execution, a sunglasses company can be very profitable. Yet it's not without risks. This article answers the question, "Are sunglasses a good product to sell?" Keep reading as we explore the pros and cons of entering this industry to enable you to make informed decisions about your business venture.

Pros of Starting a Sunglasses Business

Sunglasses typically have high profit margins, in the 50–70% range for each pair sold, compared to other related products. Wholesale sunglasses can be purchased for just a fraction of their retail price, meaning retailers can earn significant profits on each sale. The proceeds on sunglasses can be substantial with careful cost control and efficient operations. Luxury brands, on the other hand, may see even higher margins due to their premium pricing and costs.

Evergreen Product

Sunglasses are an evergreen product that people need year-round. Unlike seasonal items, sunglasses continue to sell steadily regardless of the time of year. This consistent demand allows sunglasses businesses to generate stable revenue streams.

Low Overhead Costs

Compared to industries like manufacturing, the overhead costs for a sunglasses business tend to be relatively low. Businesses can be run online or through a small retail storefront without needing to rent costly production facilities. This makes it an accessible venture even for entrepreneurs with limited capital.

Cons of Starting a Sunglasses Business

The sunglasses industry is highly competitive, with many large brands and smaller retailers vying for market share. It can be difficult to differentiate your brand and products from the many existing options. Heavy promotion is needed to gain visibility and customer loyalty.

Reliance on Trends

Sunglasses trends and styles are constantly evolving. Staying on top of the latest looks requires frequent product updates. Inventory of out-of-style sunglasses can be difficult to sell if trends shift unexpectedly—this seasonal aspect adds risk.

Quality Concerns

Knockoff and low-quality imitation sunglasses flood the market, undermining brand trust across the industry. Entrepreneurs must source from reputable manufacturers and implement strict quality control to avoid these issues.

How to Make Your Sunglasses Business a Success

Starting and sustaining a thriving business takes more than just a brilliant idea. You must be well-organized, adaptable, and creative while cultivating an eye for detail alongside the bigger picture. Personal sacrifices may also be necessary.

You will likely dedicate more time to working long hours to launch the company; therefore, be ready to make adjustments for other life pursuits. Determination despite challenges and a willingness to learn from others are key traits that may help drive success. If you're ready to start a sunglasses company, the following tips will help you get started and keep the business growing:

  • Research market trends and customer preferences. This allows you to offer a variety of styles, colors, and price points that cater to different customer segments. It increases your potential customer base. Conduct surveys via focus groups to gather insights and analyze sales data to see which products sell best. Use free tools like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to organize the sales figures of total units sold and revenue generated from top-selling products in a single, cohesive view.
  • Establish a strong brand identity through creative marketing to help customers easily identify your company and attract new clients. Collaborating with influencers in your niche and advertising consistently on social media platforms are low-cost ways to promote your brand. Develop high-quality visual content that tells your brand's story.  
  • Offer excellent customer service through timely order fulfillment, helpful customer support, and a generous return policy to ensure satisfied customers who return and refer others. Process orders within two to three business days, respond to all inquiries on the same day, and accept returns within 30 days for a partial or full refund.
  • Diversify your product line by selling accessories to increase average order value and provide upsell opportunities. Selling complementary accessories like cases, cleaning kits, and lanyards lets customers fully outfit themselves with your brand. Accessories have higher margins, too.
  • Attend trade shows to network with other industry professionals, source new products, and promote your brand face-to-face. Trade shows are a great way to build awareness and make valuable connections within the eyewear industry. Distribute branded merchandise to capture leads.  
  • Understand competitors, particularly any practices worth adopting or improving upon. Analyze competitors' marketing strategies and product lines for inspiration. Look for opportunities to differentiate your brand through a superior customer experience or unique product offerings.

Finally, partner with a legitimate sunglasses wholesaler with years of industry experience so you can get high-quality products at competitive prices. An established supplier like StillFriday can help you avoid common pitfalls and has existing relationships with factories for volume discounts.

Shop Trendy Wholesale Sunglasses from StillFriday

StillFriday is a supplier of sunglasses to retailers in sunny Southern California. Our in-house design team works directly with factories and various importers to ensure high-quality and on-trend styles. We offer numerous styles of men's and women's sunglasses ranging from hip to simple and classy. In addition to sunglasses, StillFriday also sells a variety of accessories like cases, neck cords, and cleaning kits.

We also stock an extensive selection of optical frames and safety glasses available to all our retailers and reseller partners at competitive wholesale prices. Selling this line of eyewear alongside sunglasses can be lucrative, as it allows retailers to diversify their product offerings and expand their customer base.

It enables them to cater to customers who require prescription eyewear, including those seeking protective eyewear like blue light-blocking glasses. A broader selection captures more market segments and generates additional revenue streams for sunglasses businesses.

Now that you have the answer to the question, "Are sunglasses a good product to sell?" Shop trendy wholesale sunglasses from StillFriday or contact us and start turning a profit from this booming industry. Orders are processed within 24–48 hours and shipped via USPS or UPS with free shipping on orders over $200. Volume discounts are also available for larger orders.


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