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Spring Trends in Wholesale Sunglasses | Still Friday

Sunglasses are a hot commodity in the spring and summer months, and as a store owner, it's important to keep up with the latest trends to draw in customers. This season, there are several trends in wholesale sunglasses that you'll want to know about. Here are a few of the most popular styles.

1. Sleek Petite Minimalist Cateye Wholesale Sunglasses

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it's time to stock up on spring wholesale sunglasses! This year, the must-have style is the sleek cat-eye. This modern take on the classic cat-eye features a flat-top design that is both chic and stylish. And of course, no spring wardrobe would be complete without a pair of dark/gradient lenses. Whether your customers are looking for a sophisticated pair of sunglasses for work or a fun and playful pair for the weekend, we've got you covered. So don't wait any longer, get your sunglasses. Shop now.


2. Skinny Triangular Color Metal Wholesale Sunglasse

Looking for the perfect spring accessory? Check out our 12 Pack of Skinny Triangular Color Metal Wholesale Sunglasses! These stylish sunnies feature metal frames and petite flat-top triangular lenses in an array of trendy colors. Whether you're selling at the beach or just around town, these sunglasses are sure to add a touch of fashion-forward flair to your shop. And at wholesale prices, they're a great value too! So grab a pack for your business, and enjoy the sunny days ahead. Shop now.

3. Rimless Lux Crest Square Metal Color Wholesale Sunglasses

The springtime is the perfect opportunity to invest in some modern sunglasses for your store. This 12 pack of Rimless Lux Crest Square Metal Color Wholesale Sunglasses offers premium protection from the sun's harmful rays in a suave and fashionable package. The rectangular lenses are crafted from durable and lightweight materials, and the metal frames feature a sleek crest design on the sides. The lenses are available in a variety of beautiful colors, making it easy to find the perfect pair to suit any customers’ style. Whether you're catching people when they’re about to hit the beach or enjoy a springtime hike, these sunglasses will help them look great and stay protected. So don't wait any longer, order your own 12 Pack: Rimless Lux Crest Square Metal Color Wholesale Sunglasses today! Shop now.

4. Rimless Floral Oversized Square Duotone Wholesale Sunglasses

This spring, step up your style game with the 12 Pack: Rimless Floral Oversized Square Duotone Wholesale Sunglasses. These elegant shades feature a rimless square metal design with beautiful floral accents and assorted duotone lens and metal frame types. Whether you're looking for a new springtime accessory for yourself or looking to stock your boutique with the latest trendy Sunglasses, these are a must-have. So grab a pack today and enjoy the sunny spring days ahead in style! Shop now.

5. Elegant Rimless T Rhinestone Accent Gradient Wholesale Sunglasses

Add a touch of glamor to your spring sunglasses sales with our 12 Pack: Elegant Rimless T Rhinestone Accent Gradient Wholesale Sunglasses. These sleek and chic sunglasses feature a minimalistic rimless design with beautiful gradient lenses and shining rhinestones on the sides. Grab a pair (or twelve) before they're all gone! Shop now.

6. Chunky Tommy Round Minimalist Wholesale Sunglasses

These spring wholesale sunglasses are perfect for accessorizing any outfit. The chunky tomboy design is both trendy and minimalistic, and the dark lenses add an air of mystery. The assorted frame colors are perfect for matching any outfit, and the spring design is perfect for the season. Whether your customer is dressing up for a special occasion or just wants to add a touch of glamor to their everyday look, these sunglasses are a must-have. Shop now.

7. Marshmallow Pastel Heart Fashion Wholesale Sunglasses

Looking for a fun and unique spring wholesale sunglass option? Check out our 12 pack of marshmallow pastel heart sunglasses! These cute sunglasses are perfect for any springtime event, from outdoor festivals to beach days. The chunky marshmallow heart design is eye-catching and unique, and the pastel frames are sure to please. Plus, the dark lenses provide great sun protection. Order your 12 pack today! Shop now.

8. Circle Wing Rhinestone Wholesale Sunglasses

Usher in spring with these stylish and practical wholesale sunglasses. The 12 pack of circle wing rhinestone sunglasses are perfect for any outfit. The beautiful metal frames and color gradient lenses are perfect for any springtime activity, and the rhinestones accentuate any look. These are a perfect sale for any event or location because of their timeless look. Shop now.

9. Kids Party Splash Gradient Aviator Wholesale Sunglasses

Looking for some fun and funky spring wholesale sunglasses for the kiddos? Check out our 12 Pack: Kids Party Splash Gradient Aviator Sunglasses! These aviator-style sunglasses come in assorted colorful dotted frames and gradient lenses, perfect for any springtime party or event. Plus, they're a great way to help protect any little ones' eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. So don't wait - order your 12 pack today and let the fun begin! Shop now.

10. Oversized Rimless Contour Shield Wrapper Mirror Wholesale Sunglasses

These spring wholesale sunglasses come in an assorted 12 pack of colors with mirror lenses. The rimless contour shield wrapper design is perfect for springtime activities. The colors are perfect for spring and the lenses provide 100% UV protection. These sunglasses are a great way to shield the eyes from the sun's harmful rays. The sleek design is also perfect for navigating any outdoor adventure. Order your 12 pack today and be prepared for springtime fun! Shop now.

The sun is out and the sky is blue, so it must be time to stock up on new sunglasses for your store! This spring, make sure to check out our latest selection of trendy shades. From oversized cat-eye frames to sporty aviators, we’ve got a style for everyone. And what could be better than shopping for sunglasses online? Ensure you have the perfect pair for anyone who shows up at your store. So go ahead and shop now – we know you’ll love our newest collection of sunglasses!


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